Monday Musings 5/28/18

Monday Musings 5/28/18

May 28, 2018 0 By vincej33

The top story clearly has to be the manner of Liverpool’s defeat in Kiev and the less than amazing performance of Klarius that created headlines. As a goalie-advocate it’s difficult to defend his performance, and you could see in his face at the end of the game that he knew it as well. That said, and as much as I am able to do so, I will defend him by saying this, the team as a whole didn’t match Real Madrid, and a loss was on the cards.

As ever though, the goalie’s errors are highlighted because a) they were quite horrific, and b) goalie errors are always highlighted. That said, his errors only cover a deeper issue, and if you don’t believe me that Liverpool were bad here are some key stats:

Both teams had 12 shots on goal, Real had 5 on target, Liverpool 2. Real made 648 passes with 590 completed for a 91% success rate. Liverpool had 351 passes and 280 completed for 80% success rate. Real had 65% more passes completed than Liverpool attempted!

Real dominated play with 61% of possession, including the moment four Liverpool defenders stood and watched one of the most amazing goals to be scored in a Champion’s League final, one of them (Lovren) stopped to admire the skill instead of challenging for the ball.

In other news, Fulham went down to 10 men in the Championships play-off final and managed to see out game overcoming the challenge of Aston Villa and will play next season in the Premier League. It was a game in which Jack Grealish showed the world why he is an exceptional player with talent way above the Championship, and yet has failed to capture the imagination of the public like many up-and-coming players have. It’s hard to say how many of the fouls he falls over for are genuine, and you can’t help but feel they he may get a little more sympathy from the public and referees if he cleaned up this area of his game.

In MLS, RSL gave last year’s Finalists, the Seattle Sounders, their 3rd home defeat of the season. In the East, the Red Bulls handed top spot Atlanta Utd their second home defeat of the season. Atlanta have been quite the revelation performing well in only their second season in MLS.

Congratulations to Rotherham United who will be playing in the Championship next season after winning in the League One play-off final. Next up today, Exeter City or Coventry City will be fighting for a place in League One as they face each other in the League Two play-off final.