Forest, Real, Barca, Bolton Wanderers and Tividale!

Forest, Real, Barca, Bolton Wanderers and Tividale!

June 5, 2018 0 By vincej33

Nottingham Forest have joined ranks with teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid in signing the Athen’s Principles, promoting sport participation and generally being the good guys on the block.

No word on how item #3 will fit with Real Madrid, and whether they will look to off-load serial thug Sergio Ramos.

3. Participation in sport should be based on the principles of healthy and honest competition and respect for all competitors.
You can read all 12 Principles HERE.
Good luck to Tividale FC () who are arguing the case that if the rules are changed on you, that you should really be told about it beforehand and not after the fact. All the best in your case Tivi FC.

Finally Bolton Wanderers () are hosting a coaching workshop around Moderate Learning Difficulties aimed at grassroots football coaches to help make their coaching sessions more inclusive. For more information, please contact Nathan –