Hope For The US World Cup

Hope For The US World Cup

June 8, 2018 0 By vincej33

Hope Solo has come out against the 2026 World Cup being held in the USA in the strongest possible way stating firmly “Of course, I want to see the World Cup in America. But I also want to see an organization that stands true to the promises that they made to all of the delegates, to all of the members.”

Oh… It’s not a World Cup in a USA she is against, it is a World Cup being given to an organization that is maybe not working in the best interest of the sport she is against. Sadly a headline of “Hope Solo Against US World Cup Bid” is more eye-catching than “Hope Solo Thinks US Soccer Should Get Its Act Together (And Promotion And Relegation Should Be A Thing, And Women Should Get Paid The Same As Men. Maybe More Because They Win Things.)”

If you’re on Twitter check out Ruth Fox (@FoxInTheBox05) or ruth_foxy on Instagram. A young lady at Cambridge United Women’s team who is doing a great deal to raise awareness for mental illness. She is a suicide survivor and has been awarded Community Hero of the Year in recognition for the work she has been doing raising awareness of mental health. An amazing young lady with an amazing story – go give her a follow and some support!

Finally, Scarborough Athletic FC will be giving the town’s juniors another opportunity to trial for the club on Saturday 16th June.

The club will be offering another opportunity for the Scarborough Athletic FC under 10 side for 2018/19 for those who were unavailable on Saturday 2nd June. This will be at the Flamingo Land Stadium from 10am. Read more HERE.