Congratulations USL

Congratulations USL

June 10, 2018 0 By vincej33

The USL is on target to crush last season’s record crowds, already hitting the magical million spectators mark. As the second division continues to grow we must surely be looking to strengthen the case for promotion and relegation from the second divisions.

However, if, as this open letter to the major players in the US soccer world suggests, MLS, USL and others with decision making abilities are all working together to maintain the status quo, maybe the game will simply stagnate at the end of the season like other sports do. Surely the financial benefits of keeping fans engaged would be a huge benefit, even if they don’t care about the game as a whole? Who knew that the NHL carried on until June? As a Minnesota Wild fan I  thought it ended in April…

In other news ex-Wales and ex-Sunderland boss Chris Coleman has taken over at Hebei China Fortune creating a bit of a Twitterstorm. Shocking that an unemployed person would take a position in which they would get paid well. Who ever heard of such a thing?

Finally, although the season is over and everyone is getting ready for the World Cup, there is a ton of work being done behind the scenes. There are many clubs like Southwick FC who are looking for sponsors. These opportunities to sponsor a team at low cost and promote your business exist all over the country with so many teams. Get in touch with your local team and see what they have on offer, and feel good about supporting the game at grassroots.