That’s Vieira Nice

That’s Vieira Nice

June 11, 2018 0 By vincej33

Patrick Vieira has left NYCFC to become the manager of Nice. Nice are a mid-table top tier team in France, and having the 3rd highest salary in MLS you could expect them to be competitive. That said, Toronto in first have almost double the salary cap of NYCFC. Can’t really blame him for leaving though, New York’s not Nice. As you can see from this picture.

After a bit of a Twitter chat last night I decided to check out some stats. The MLS Cup has been won by 5 overseas coaches for 7 total wins, with Canadian Frank Yallop and German Sigi Schmid winning it twice. You can see the list of winners HERE.

So the argument is this – The MLS has had 99 coaches. Of those, 57 have been overseas (58%), and those overseas coaches have won it 32% of the time.

Vieira has left his team in 2nd place in the Conference in mid-season. This leads to a separate discussion. If the US was in the World Cup, many teams would be without top players. Why on Earth do we work on a different schedule to the rest of the world?

Congrats to the U17 USWNT for making it to the World Cup! You are standing on the shoulders of some massive giants as you represent your country. Not sure why the US soccer website is leading with stories about the men’s team drawing in a meaningless friendly when another team is actually successful. I think this might be why the USWNT gets upset. Best of luck ladies!

If you are a player and in need of mental health support from someone who knows what you are going through, check out this guy @DreweBroughton, or go to his website It’s an inspiring story, and happily one of many that are coming to light.