Weird Definitions – NWSL – Prem – Bus Parking

Weird Definitions – NWSL – Prem – Bus Parking

June 17, 2018 0 By vincej33

We have a TON to get through today. Although the USA isn’t in the World Cup this year, they are next year when they defend the Women’s World Cup. It’s like the men’s World Cup, but without the diving. Anyway, most of the @USWNT players play in the @NWSL who post a ton of videos on Twitter, such as the highlights below from the match between and ,.

The Premier League have put together a nice look at how the three promoted teams (Fulham, Cardiff, and Wolves) may fare on their returns to the top flight. Fulham looked good in the play-off final and have every chance of doing well if they can continue the path they are on. Check are the article HERE.

Here’s your schedule for tomorrow:

Unpopular opinion of the day:

According to the BBC below are the stats for the Iceland vs Argentina game. I have seen words such as “beautiful”, “impressive” and “thrilling game”. I must have watched something else. I watched a team play like they were managed by David Moyes, desperately trying not to lose. This is a tournament for the elite, with the best 32 countries in the world, and the best players from each country – the best of the best. It’s no place to behave like plucky non-leaguers trying to hold a Premier League opponent to a draw and get to replay in a proper stadium. What next? Pitch invasions as long as they don’t lose by more than 4? As an Englishman, I admit that Iceland won my heart with their passion and purpose in Euro 2016. Today they lost it. If I wanted to watch a team defend for most of the game I’d find a YouTube video of a team managed by Jose Mourinho.

Here is why Americans don’t deserve the World Cup:

“Iceland beats Argentina 1-1” Honest – click the link if you don’t believe me.

Reminds me of this, from 1992:


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