Swiss Guard – Hamlet Blockage – US Open Cup

Swiss Guard – Hamlet Blockage – US Open Cup

June 18, 2018 0 By vincej33

While we are all engrossed in the elite players trying to win the World Cup, there are other struggles going on. For example, imagine having 125 years of history and being told you can’t be called what you have always been called because of property developers and lawyers. Yep – it’s a thing. You can read about it HERE.

In other news, Switzerland tied with Brazil in their World Cup opener. I’m not sure why the team placed 2nd and the team placed 6th is a shock, but there you go. We’ll be writing about it in the Underdog Series this week.

Here is your schedule for tomorrow (6/19/18):


Are you a US Soccer fan not sure what to do with yourself? Are you opting not to support our biggest rivals in the World Cup, as directed by Landon Donovan (sponsored by Wells Fargo)? There is still some soccer you may be interested in! The Houston Dynamo are in action tonight against Minnesota United, and with three more games on Wednesday there is still soccer for you to watch.