Anti-Football – Landon Fail – Dynamo Charge On

Anti-Football – Landon Fail – Dynamo Charge On

June 19, 2018 0 By vincej33

Anti-Football 10-0-0 defending met its match against England yesterday. Tunisia, intent on hitting the pinnacle of a draw in the World Cup did everything they could to hold off relentless attacks against a young and energetic England team. They would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for them meddling kids.

Here is what you need to fit in your schedule tomorrow (6/20/18):

Landon Donovan made a bit of a faux pas by telling US fans to support their biggest rival and got into a spat with Carlos Bocanegra, which made the situation worse:

Before we look at the funny posts, this will bring you up to speed with pretty much the whole argument against Donovan in a very clear and direct manner.

In other news, the Houston Dynamo disposed of MN United in the US Open Cup and move into the next round. We have three more games tomorrow night.