Canada – Bananas – Crawley

Canada – Bananas – Crawley

June 20, 2018 0 By vincej33

Let’s start with looking at who’s in line for the Golden Bananaskin award for time spent needlessly on the ground. Sassi is a strong contender, running into a player who didn’t know he was there. Suarez is a strong contender for putting his head in the torso of an oncoming player and pretending someone had run him over. However, the clear favourite so far has to be Neymar. He is less stable on his feet than a toddler on a well-oiled semi-inflated beachball.

We also want to say congratuations to our neighbours to the north on their young ladies making it to the U17 World Cup! This happened last week but was missed in our feed. Great achievement ladies!

Here is what you need to work into your schedule tomorrow (6/21/18):

Finally, Crawley Town player, Mark Connolly (@Mark5Connolly on Twitter and @markconnolly6 on Insta) is the latest voice to help bring light to mental health in sport. I’ve always liked Crawley (except when they had STEVE EVANS as manager) and I wish Mark and the club all the best.