Reliving History – US Open Cup – Pepe le Pew

Reliving History – US Open Cup – Pepe le Pew

June 21, 2018 0 By vincej33

Back to the Future

Stevenage FC are busy preparing for the new season in League Two and have these guys in charge of recruitment:

Their mission? To go back in time and bring back Boro legends of the past. Looking forward to seeing Hayles banging them in again.

Pepe le Pew

We’ll just put this here. A front-runner for the Golden Bananaskin award. What an absolute tool. An embarrassment to the game and his country.

Victory for Football

In the World Cup Iran lost to Spain, another victory for football over anti-football. The most satisfying part was seeing Iran play (except for the falling over) after they went behind. A clear demonstration that teams should make a game of it. Employing the anti-football tactics rarely works. A victory for Spain and football!

US Open Cup

Games have been played, and this is what your US Open Cup Qtr Finals look like:


World Cup Schedule:

Here’s what you need to find room for tomorrow (6/22/18):