Changing The Game – Fair Play? –  Rooney

Changing The Game – Fair Play? – Rooney

June 29, 2018 0 By vincej33

Do you coach a youth team? The check out the Changing the Game Project. So many great resources and ideas for parents and coaches. Right now they are offering an online course with some basics in performance psychology for only $19. You can find out more HERE.

Senegal are the first team to be eliminated from the World Cup using the Fair Play rules. Basically, they had more cards than Japan so they go home. While the Fair Play system seems like something that is a good idea, it is deeply, deeply flawed.

As long as behaviours like the one in the picture from Neymar, or similar play acting by people like Suarez go unpunished it isn’t fair play. Cheating to gain an advantage needs to be punished, and until it is the use of a Fair Play system should not be used.

In brighter news, another big name has made it into MLS. Welcome to the US Mr. Rooney!

Finally, the World Cup is back tomorrow and for the good of the game either Pepe or Suarez will be going home, the game will be one step closer to achieving fair play.