Eng-geeeerrrrrr-laaaaaand – Quarter Finals – Geigered – Walking In A Wigan Wonderland

Eng-geeeerrrrrr-laaaaaand – Quarter Finals – Geigered – Walking In A Wigan Wonderland

July 4, 2018 0 By vincej33

England complete the quarter-final fixtures with their first ever penalty win in a World Cup!

Now, I’m not saying we’re going to win….


The quarter-finals for the World Cup have been decided. Two very different sides of the bracket lining up here.

Uruguay have been in the final twice, winning both times (1930 and 1950).

France won in 1998 and were runners-up in 2006.

Brazil have been in 7 finals, winning 5 of them (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 – Runners-up 1950, 1998).

Sweden were runners-up in 1958.

England won in 1966.

Neither Belgium, Russia or Croatia have been in a final before, and of those, only Belgium have the possibility of making it to the final against England.

Let’s talk about this guy and how he reflects soccer in the USA.

Mark Geiger is the sole representative (other than media) of the USA in the World Cup. He has been roundly criticised by almost everyone with the exception of… Americans. A quick scan of social media shows there are a good number of Americans who think he did a great job in a difficult game. The rest of the world believes he did a poor job creating a difficult game.

Let’s be honest – he was poor in the England v Colombia game. The USA didn’t even make it, failing to escape a confederation with Panama in it, who were played off the park. Our top league takes big name players three or four years after they have hit their peak, and this guy is sent to Russia, presumably as the best we have. My friends, Mark Geiger, and the defence of him reflects on the game in this country, and it isn’t a good reflection.

Finally, if you are over 50 and miss playing, and you are based in the Manchester area, check out walking football in Wigan. Here’s the tweet – get in touch with them.