Stones – FA Vase – World Cup – NWSL – Cleatskins – RSL

Stones – FA Vase – World Cup – NWSL – Cleatskins – RSL

July 5, 2018 0 By vincej33

England defender John Stones says Colombia are the dirtiest team he has ever played against. It’s an interesting statement with Colombia fans saying the same about England. The examples he gives are valid, but were England angels in this game? We’ll be writing about this next week in a blog article, but I’ll say this right now – they did what they had to do.

In the meantime, you can watch the interview HERE.

In England, the FA Vase (think of a smaller version of the FA Trophy, which is the non-league version of the FA Cup) draw is made for the first qualifying round. Ties to take place on September 1st. Exciting times in the grassroots game.

We only have 8 games left in the World Cup, and that’s only 6 days of games. It’s been a rough two days having been spoiled with multiples games every day. However, we’re back up and running tomorrow with a couple of tasty quarter finals. Fellaini vs Neymar should be an interesting match up.

We also have Women’s Soccer from the NWSL tomorrow with Portland vs Utah. Being an RSL fan I have to go with Utah who could jump into second with a win.

And we’ll leave this little Twitter chat here for a chuckle…

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