20% Off Cleatskins – Time Is Running Out!

20% Off Cleatskins – Time Is Running Out!

August 18, 2018 0 By vincej33

Time is running out to get 20% off your Cleatskins order!

You can buy these for most sports and we fully recommend them. My son has been using them for a few months now and we love them. They are a great way to protect not just your cleats, but anything your cleats touch. Right now we are able to offer a 20% discount

Benefits of Cleatskins:
1 – The most obvious is they protect your cleats when you’re wearing them & not playing. For example, walking to or from a practice or game.
2 – We don’t have dirt being walked into the car or the house anymore.
3 – They give extra grip while you’re walking in cleats. I wish I had some because I slipped on our deck the last time I left the house in my cleats because the steps were wet.

Use this link to get 20% off until September 12th, 2018!

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