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Does Coaching From The Sidelines Help?

A coach should be judged on their long-term performance, not just results. Manchester United recently won the U18 title, but their U23 team was relegated. There are many U23 players on loan at other teams or even in the Manchester United first team. When the U18s are the best, and the U23s are developed and playing at higher levels, this is what success in coaching looks like.

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The Underdog – Three Approaches – World Cup Edition – Switzerland

Switzerland had to deal with some very low standards of integrity from Brazil and it would have been easy to get frustrated, but they didn’t. They stuck at their task, worked hard, and matched Brazil in possession and control of the game. The did a great job of fighting and keeping up with a superior, but not dominant team. Well done, Switzerland.

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The Difference Between Winning And Losing

“Winning isn’t everything, but neither is losing.” There is a great deal that can be taken from this, but the main point is that our focus should be on what we are capable of, and we can often learn more and grow more from a loss than a win. If we continue to improve, work hard, and make our best better, we will eventually be unbeatable, and there will be a lot of winning along the way.

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Participation Awards vs Performance Recognition Pt III

Unless you are in a sport such as boxing where there is a long time to prepare for a specific opponent (which even then they could have a different game plan to expected), it is difficult to prepare for every nuance. Rewarding achievement recognizes the result, but it is important to focus on the work it took to achieve the result, and in that context, a participation award may have value.

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